Apple has recently made the move to ARM based processors, a step that has given the company a massive advantage over its competitors (at least in the smartphone department) due to the sheer difference in processing power. However, if we are being honest, the company has always had a lead on the competition when it comes to processing on smartphones. However, Apple’s PCs clearly lack in the department, and could use a boost.

Now, it looks like the company is ready to introduce its last line of devices for the year, the Mac computers and laptops, powered by the new ARM based processors. Apple has sent out invites to media houses and bloggers today, asking them to join in for “One more thing” on November 10.

This will officially terminate Apple’s partnership with Intel, a company which has served the Cupertino giant for years now. However, the lack of innovation on Intel’s part led to Apple finding better alternatives, and now with the ARM based processors, it looks like the company has finally found its champion. Moreover, the processors will be built by Amazon silicon, which means that Apple will make these chips in house.

Intel’s lackluster performance over the years has also caused it to lose the CPU race with AMD, which has claimed victory with the launch of its Ryzen 5000 series CPUs last month.

These new processors can help the company in doubling up the battery life of its Mac laptops(theoretically). Moreover, it will also help Apple gain an edge over competitors like Microsoft, HP and many more, which have been trying to introduce mobile based processors on PCs (with Qualcomm’s chipsets), but have failed so far.

At the iPhone 12 event last month, CEO Tim Cook noted that there is more to come from the company. Now, with the November 10 event, that seems to be coming true. The company had shown prototypes of ARM based computers before, but any devices announced next week will be the first official PCs from Apple with the new in house processors.