Credits: Chrome Story

If you are like me, and have seen the documentary on Netflix titled “The Social Dilemma,” chances are that you take your privacy very seriously, especially when it comes to browsing on the internet. I have been using the feature ever since I got a smartphone, and it has become a staple for all my searching needs. However, for some weird reason, up until now, Chrome would not allow users to take screenshots in incognito mode, forcing them to shift to normal browsing if they wished to send screenshots to others. Well, no more.

According to a report by Chrome Story, Google will now add the feature to take screenshots in Incognito mode. The Chrome team has added an experimental flag today, called “Incognito Screenshot.” As the name suggests, users will be able to capture screenshots using this new feature, after adding this flag to grant the ability to take screenshots while using incognito mode.

As of yet, Incognito mode does not allow screenshots due to an external dependency. The company is working on a fix. However, up until Google fixes this dependency bug, users will have to manually add this flag.

Nonetheless, Chrome enthusiasts like myself will be happy to know that the option is available at last.