New Microsoft Bing

Bing, the search engine that most people aren’t aware of, has undergone a rebranding that no one asked for, and taken up a new name that no one will notice-‘Microsoft Bing,’ today. Tech giant Microsoft announced the change in a blog post, without really mentioning any particular reason for the rebranding.

The blog mentions something along the lines of Microsoft Bing reflecting “the continued integration of our search experiences across the Microsoft family,” but that isn’t very specific. However, our best bet is that the company wants to revive its search engine to go with its new Edge Browser, which was announced earlier this year to take up the fight against Google Chrome.

Thus, if you are going to get into the arena with Google Chrome, why not commit to it and enter with your own search engine?

The company mentions that it is working on expanding the ways in which Bing (now Microsoft Bing) can be used. For example, it powers ‘InPrivate Search’ with Microsoft Edge, which is a feature that automatically deletes a user’s history, cookies and site data after finishing a session (because the word ‘Incognito tab’ just does not have the same ring to it). Moreover, it empowers quick searches in the Windows taskbar, work search scenarios with Microsoft 365, as well as immersive gaming in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Thus, Microsoft has already achieved major success on its other platforms, and bundling that with the search engine using the ‘Microsoft’ prefix might help it to leverage some of that success, as a part of the same family.

The rebranding comes with a new logo (obviously), as well as a Microsoft Bing logo on the search engine’s homepage. This means that right now, there are two logos on the Bing homepage. Chances are, the Bing logo might get removed soon, as the few users of the search engine familiarize themselves with the Microsoft Bing logo. However, it’s also possible that the new two logo design might become the new thing.