Several of Google’s core services, such as Meet, Classroom etc. were down for a couple of hours or so. These services include Google Meet, Drive, Docs, Analytics, Classroom and Calendar, for example. As of now though, the services are back now and users are reporting normalcy. It was nothing short of a havoc when the services went down, not a surprise considering how Google basically runs all of our lives?

The Google Status dashboard does show a slight orange blip on today’s date, stating that there were minor disruptions in some of the services.

All services were witnessing varied levels of outage. Some services such as Gmail were taking almost forever to load, while others such as Play Store were just booting-up again and again.

Google off late, hasn’t had the best of times in terms of outage. Considering the company is the largest provider of most services that it provides, there have been two significant outages now in a short span of time. For folks working from home, these outages are nothing short of a nightmare, since most of us are hugely dependent on Google for daily work.

Earlier in late August, Gmail, Youtube, G Drive and several of Google’s core services went down for several hours. Google had to repeatedly dish out status updates to consumers in order to pacify them in the chaos.