News about Apple launching its own processors has been in the air since 2020 started, but so far, it was just that — news. However today, we got our first look at the new A14 bionic chip, built with the revolutionary 5nm manufacturing process, promising a 40% jump in performance over chips built by the older 7nm process, and Apple’s first ever, computing chip not meant for phones/tabs or smartwatches.

This process has allowed the company to pack 11.8Bn transistors on the new chip, giving it unprecedented power and making it capable of delivering “console level performance.” This will help the company deliver new features, increased power efficiency and increased performance in every aspect.

The A14 has a 6 core CPU, allowing it to run more instructions in parallel, helping achieve more power efficiency and better speeds. These 6 cores are broken into 4 high efficiency cores, and 2 low efficiency cores. Moreover, the chip promises exceptional graphic performance as well, backed by its quad core GPU, delivering a 30% increase in graphic performance over last generation. In fact, the company promises that you can edit 4K videos using the new A14 chipset, which is a marvel in its own right.

The chip also has a 16 core, faster Neural engine, which is capable of executing a staggering 11 trillion operations per second, offering twice the Machine learning performance of last generation’s chipsets.

Moreover, the CPU is also further optimised with Apple’s second generation ML accelerators, which will accelerate Matrix Multiplication, which, if you have ever operated MATLAB, is a very important part of computing processes.

This is the first time that a new processor from Apple has been announced with an iPad instead of an iPhone. However, since the new iPhones were delayed this year, the company had to let the secret slip with the launch of the new iPad Air, the company’s latest tablet.