Finally, AMD has broken the vow of silence and has announced that its new gen CPUs and GPUs-the Ryzen 4000 and Big Navi backed by the Zen 3 and RDNA 2 technologies, will make their way to center stage in October. The company has announced two events, one on 10th, where it will announce its new CPUs, and one on 28th, where the “Big Navi” GPUs will be announced.

In the CPU department, AMD has left its competitor Intel in the dust, launching chips with 7nm and 5nm architectures, while Intel still struggles with 10nm(yes, even with the 11th gen CPUs). Moreover, the company’s announcement that its move to 7nm architecture will be delayed by an year has not really done it any favours. AMD on the other hand, has been making major strides in the field, and the new Zen 3 backed Ryzen 4000 GPUs should serve as a technological breakthrough, providing users with the option to configure the boost frequencies for the first time. Moreover, the new Infinity Fabric dividers will allow users to set the memory controller frequency slightly higher in mixed mode.

The GPU battle is a lot more interesting, and a lot less lopsided, especially since the deck is stacked against AMD in that department. The company has always struggled to provide Nvidia level performance, and its last flagship-the Radeon 5700, failed to live up to its hype, especially since it was completely overshadowed by the exceptional performance of the Nvidia 20 series. This year, Nvidia has outdone itself, and took an unprecedented leap with the 30 series, launching a GPU that delivers better performance than last year’s flagship at $499. Thus, AMD will have to step up its game and deliver not just the “Big Navi” but the ‘Biggest Navi’ ever, if it hopes to compete with its competitor.

Not much is known about any of these devices, but by the end of October, the table will be set for the next generation of computing warfare.