Elon Musk announced via Twitter, that a cross country trip with Tesla’s polarizing Cybertruck is in the cards, and people across the United States might get to see the company’s latest gamble very soon.

The soft announcement was made by the CEO Elon Musk himself, in a tweet. On being asked, “Bring a Cybertruck to the East Coast? We need a glimpse” by twitter user Michael Hodges, he said:

Ever since the Cybertruck was unveiled in November 2019, the vehicle has divided fans into two factions. While some can’t get over the outlandish, and in some instances, down right weird design, other thinks the truck is a knock at the door that is the future, and an innovation of unchallenged magnitude.

Nonetheless, any marketing is good marketing, and the Cybertruck is a glowing example of that. The vehicle witnesses over 250,000 reservations in just a week of its announcement, with about 650,000 pre orders in place up till last month. Moreover, ever since that one event, which if you remember, had a certain “window breaking” mishap, the truck has only been displayed publicly once, and was a hit.

Cybertruck has been on display at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles since last week, with a complete jam packed, sold out first week. This is yet another testament to the truck’s and while we are at it, Tesla’s hold on the automobile market. The company managed to launch a rather unconventional vehicle, had an announcement event that went off the rails, and still managed to create hype. Perhaps, this is why Tesla recently managed to surpass Toyota to become the most valuable automobile maker in the world.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has talked about a cross country trip. However, earlier, it was about displaying the company’s self driving technology, a move that has since been disbanded and forgotten about. However, with any luck, Tesla will deliver on its promise this time around, and give users a chance to see the Cybertruck before their very eyes.

The company managed to exceed market and expert estimates, delivering 90,650 vehicles in Q2, just a 4.8% decline from the same time last year. To put things in perspective, industry experts were suggesting that Tesla would end up in the 70,000-80,000 range this time around due to COVID 19, premonising a far greater decline.