Ola, on Tuesday, rolled out an ‘in-app tipping feature’ which as the name suggests will allow cab hailers to digitally tip the drivers. The tips are not compulsory, customers who want to tip a driver can pick a denomination from those listed. Drivers will receive 100% of this tip as ‘additional income’. This will be available access all vehicle categories. This feature is available to all the countries that Ola currently operates in – India, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Ola cab drivers average salary ranges from approximately ₹14,000 to ₹21,00. Moreover, as most of the people these days are staying indoors to protect themselves from coronavirus, cab driver earnings have been decimated. On top of that, COVID-19 impact on company’s business has resulted in Ola reducing the incentives given to the drivers. As a result, many of these drivers are unable to earn enough money to support their families. So in these uncertain times, tips might become a very important factor in a driver’s income.

Ola’s key competitor in India, Uber,  already launched a similar tipping feature in India in January.

To make this new feature popular Ola also launched a movement led by the hashtag #SayThanksWithATip. This movement aims to ask people to help the drivers who are working in this extremely risky situation.

Ola has focused a lot on the health and safety of its drivers and customers. It made sanitising cars after every trip and wearing gloves and masks mandatory. This new feature will also add towards this because now customers can tip the drivers digitally.