Continuing in its bid to provide innovations in video broadcasting services, the engineers at AWS Elemental have introduced a new remote controlled AWS Elemental Link device. The purpose is to aid in real time video streaming on the cloud, improving the overall production workflow. It is currently available on AWS website, priced at US $995.

Previously known as Elemental Technologies, and later acquired by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company provides solutions for the media industry with video encoding, transcoding, decoding and aiding the transmission and streaming services via cloud based models.

The Link is a lighweight, compact and fanless design which enables the video professionals to broadcast live from in-premises cameras and other devices to their respective production houses.

The device weighs less than 1 lb (450 grams), and works by connecting seamlessly live video source to the AWS Elemental MediaLive or Amazon CloudFront. The device enables the user to manage and support multiple video devices in live video environments like sports stadiums, event coverage, broadcast studios, mobile production trucks, news reporting and several governmental and educational institutions.

The provider also claims that no configuration is required as the Link is automatically tied to user’s AWS account and the entire live event workflow can be managed remotely via AWS Management Console, thus improves efficiency and reduction in manpower.

Detailing on the device availability and shipping, AWS Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr says, “You can order these devices from the AWS Management Console and have them shipped to the intended point of use. They arrive preconfigured, and need only be connected to power, video, and the Internet. You can monitor and manage any number of Link devices from the console, without the need for specialized expertise at the point of use”.

The device is expected to reduce costs of the overall production and streaming of videos. According to Barr, “In sophisticated environments, dedicated hardware and an associated A/V team can capture, encode, and stream or store video that meets these expectations. However, cost and operational complexity have prevented others from delivering a similar experience”.

He asserted that Classrooms, local sporting events, enterprise events, and small performance spaces do not have the budget or the specialized expertise needed to install, configure, and run the hardware and software needed to reliably deliver video to the cloud for processing, storage, and on-demand delivery or live streaming, and thus the Link provides solutions to these potential users.