Not finding something when you need it the most- really frustrating right? That is exactly what happened to Microsoft Teams, the tech giant’s chat and communication tool, earlier today.

As work from home becomes the new normal amid the coronavirus outbreak, the communication application couldn’t have chosen a better time to go down, suffering an outage for more than 2 hours- probably because of the sudden influx of thousands of people looking to work from home. Students have also started to use the application as educational institutions across the world are being closed down to arrest the spread.

The outage was primarily seen across Europe, with parts of North America, Asia, and Africa also reporting similar issues.

This is the second major outage for the application in a while after it went down last month as Microsoft “forgot” to renew a key SSL security certificate. The company’s gaming service, Xbox Live, had also gone down earlier today. My mother has nice words for me when I forget to do something important, I wonder what Bill Gates’ mother did.