Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal will soon fight a case of dowry harassment filed against him by his wife Priya, who accused him of physically, mentally and emotionally threatening her, according to a report in The News Minute. She said her son also faces similar threats from the Indian e-commerce pioneer.

In a complaint filed at Koramangala police station, she said, “Given the position and status of Sachin Bansal and his violent and abusive behaviour towards me. I am fearful of the physical safety of my son, Aryaman, and myself.”

Priya Bansal lodged a seven-page dossier against her husband. The FIR also mentions Sachin’s parents as well his brother to be party to the harassment. This was reported by news agency IANS.

“Post-wedding, it was decided that I will stay with my husband. Before the wedding, in-laws visited my home and asked for more dowry. My husband and in-laws have been giving me mental and physical torture since the wedding for dowry,” Priya alleged in the FIR.

“When my sister Radhika Goyal was in Delhi, Sachin had sexually assaulted her. He had tried to transfer all properties in my name to his name and when I refused, Sachin had physically assaulted me on 20 October 2019. I have been tortured mentally and physically by in-laws for dowry.”

Priya Bansal also detailed how Sachin’s parents were pretty vocal regarding the standard of the festivities and arrangements for their marriage.

“They had also made very clear and unequivocal demands about how much cash and the kind of gifts they expected from my parents for themselves and for my husband’s extended family,” Priya said.

“They were unequivocal in their demand that all marriage related expenses would have to be borne by my parents. The wedding date has already been finalized, my parents thus had no choice but to agree to the demands of Aggarwal and Nitin Bansal,” she alleged.

Sachin Bansal is currently the CEO of Navi Technologies, a fintech venture that Bansal has deeply invested in, both mentally as well as financially. After establishing Flipkart in 2007, Bansal sold his stake in the e-commerce platform for $1 Billion during the Walmart acquisition of Flipkart in 2018.