We all get a little lavish around the holidays. After all, it’s the time of the year when we spend our hard earned money on ourselves and our loved ones. Well, while we are busy spending money, companies like Amazon are busy counting their incoming green.

After ‘record breaking’ sales this holiday season, Amazon has acquired the top spot on the S&P 500 list. The company announced that it sold ‘billions of items, and millions of Amazon products’ like Echo Dot.

The company’s Prime membership numbers went up by almost 5 million, as more and more people  started their free trials or signed up for paid memberships. ‘One day delivery’ products quadrupled in sales and independent third party sellers sold up to a billion products through the service.

This resulted in Amazon’s stock rising by almost 2% in low-volume trading the day after the Christmas holiday, the biggest gain on the S&P 500 Index.

Amazon has not declared any specific numbers but the general takeaway is shopping during the holidays is increasing every year.

While the overall growth in holiday shopping was closer to 3.4%, sales through Internet rose by 19%, more than five times as much. More than 15% of all retail shopping in holidays happens online, datas suggest. And Amazon has a huge part to play in that growth. The company has become the biggest on the face of the planet and has expanded in almost 13 countries, with Prime services in 10 countries now since adding India to the list.

Cyber Monday sales were a huge indicator, with the ‘extra’ holiday sale reeling in about $9.2 billion in online sales. And Amazon has become so huge that it has a day named after it called the ‘Amazon Prime Day’. This year, Amazon sold about $7.16 billion dollars worth of product on Amazon Prime Day, as a testament to the fact that Amazon has become much larger than a mere for-profit company.