The current success of internet and social media can be highly credited to the memes, and there is no surprise that a social media giant, such as Facebook, wants a meme creating application in its fleet of services. Facebook’s NPE division, an entity responsible for creating social applications for the consumers, has now added a meme creating application called ‘Whale’ to its lineup. As could be expected, the app allows users to add stickers and text to a photo, creating a meme, which can be shared on social media or to friends.

Looking at the huge collection of image editing tools already circulating in the market, Whale offers nothing new and noteworthy to consider. However, this app is free with no in-app purchase or subscriptions, which works in its favor.

In the application, user will be able to take a photo, choose a photo from gallery, or select an image from apps own catalog to create a meme. Layouts are available in Blank, 2-grid, 3-grid, and 4-grid canvas options. Images can then be customized using emojis, stickers, effects, texts and filters.

Users will also be able to create a sticker of their own through the crop and cut tool. To provide further artistic touch, users can utilize freeform drawing tool also.

At this time, Whale is only available in Canada, just like the initial NPE apps Aux and Bumb. Back in July, Facebook laid the path for its NPE team, stating that they would rapidly work on new ideas and shut down those which won’t gain much success.

The launch of this app was first spotted by ‘The Information’ on the Canadian App Store. The app arrived last week on November 15, 2019, and has yet not created a buzz as could be expected from a Facebook product.

It would be interesting to see if the product receives a worldwide launch for itself, as Facebook has a history shutting down its experimental apps at the same pace at which they are launched. Slingshot is one such example.