YouTube is providing its creators with a brand new way to earn additional revenue for their content. The Alphabet-owned video platform is launching, what it calls, ‘Super Stickers’. These ‘Super stickers’ are aimed at providing an additional source of income to live streamers on their platform. In the hindsight though, this is one more way to make sure Youtube maintains dominance in the video streaming industry.

These little cartoon like figures can be purchased by fans to show their support towards the creator. However, unlike Twitch, these stickers are not customizable. These stickers are rolling out today in 60 countries for creators above 18 years of age with monitizable channels holding 1,000 subscribers. The Super Stickers were first announced by the company at VidCon in July this year.

The launch will include eight stickers, five of which are cartoon figures. These stickers will come with a unique message, which will help the fans connect more deeply with the creators.

So why these stickers? The implementation of these stickers was actually inspired by YouTube’s own Super Chat’s immense success, because of which subscribers were able to better placement for their messages to streamers. As per the company, over 100,000 channels use Super Chat with some creators earning as much as $400 a minute.

However, the Super Chat service has not been that huge hit as well and has invited a lot of controversies with it. There are various instances when the service was used to spread hateful language, ideologies and imagery.

Currently, the company is rolling out a selected lot of Super Stickers, however, it has announced that more of them will be coming out in the following months.