A screenshot of the Twitter technical bug screen.

For close to in the late hours of yesterday night, the world was a bit different. The internet’s famous news/hashtags/gossip birds weren’t chirping. Precisely, Twitter went down for about an hour, and has came back up now to take the world back within its grasp.

At about 12:15 AM IST, the desktop and mobile site were down, displaying a “Something is technically wrong” error. Additionally, the apps were also not working. The site returned to its usual self at around 1:10 AM IST. However, it was only a few m, but took a few minutes for the platform to regain full functionality.

There hasn’t been an official word from Twitter on the reasons behind this unusually long outage. The company did say that it was because of an “internal configuration change,” which has since been rolled back.

Outages have been rather common for the past couple of months or so. Major online companies, including some of the biggest cloud providers, have seen their services go offline. That has in turn led to other services, including most of these social media giants, also going down in the process.

An official release from Twitter is expected on the issue. We will keep you updated once we hear something.