The world has literally gone nuts over ‘PUBG’ and ‘Fortnite’ in recent days. The craze and the phenomenal success of these games have taken the gaming world by storm. And it has been stormy more because of PubG. Well, Fiverr has noticed this and is trying to tap into the potential in them by hooking up players with the gaming experts. So it’s basically coaching for gaming!

Looks like it’s a win-win situation for both the parties. The players will improve their game while making the company some money at the same time. Fiverr on Thursday rolled out its online store which will help people having expertise in gaming, to sell their skills to newbies.

Fortnite and PUBG are quite similar when it comes to the concept. In both the said games, players close to 100 in number are dropped onto an island where they fight for their lives. This is the arena-style survival concept nicknamed ‘battle royale’.

Players could enroll themselves for as little as $5 to up their game by knowing the choice of best landing spots and guns.

Fiverr is a freelance service platform where people could connect with professionals who offer various services. In addition to all these, there’s one more perk. Buyers and sellers could trade “gigs”, or services in around 30 categories.

The gaming industry is on the rise and the concept that has been making mad revenue is the last-man-standing multiplayer games. And by mad, I mean hundreds of millions through characters skins and add ons. Look at those crazy numbers that PubG reported a while back.

Launched back in 2017, Fortnite has made it big with a funding of around $15 million last year. Games like Electronic Arts Inc’s Apex Legends and Tencent Holdings Ltd’s “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” have also witnessed a lot of traffic.