AT&T has cancelled early orders for Samsung’s Galaxy fold, the company said this Thursday. Galaxy Fold is worth $2000 and the company is offering $100 to those who pre-ordered it.

The model will be available soon after Samsung announces a new launch date, said AT&T.

The Galaxy Fold was scheduled to be launched on 26th April. However, Samsung put a hold on the production after multiple problems were found in units sent for review. Samsung initially put the blame on reviewers for display problems but at the end announced that it was going back to the drawing board. Hence, the company decided to postpone the date.

It is appalling for Samsung as a month and a half after the scheduled date has passed but no new date has been announced for the launch. However, the tech used is new and advanced, so Samsung can’t be blamed for being careful here. It’s always better to take precautions unlike what happened in case of Galaxy Note.

A Samsung rep told that it would announce new date “in the coming weeks.”

However, AT&T’s decision here suggests that it may take a while before the Galaxy Fold reappears, if at all.

Samsung asked customers who ordered early, to confirm if they still want the set after the review period. On May 24th, Best Buy cancelled all the pre-orders for the device.