Looks like Apple is on top of getting things in order, in the world’s fastest growing smartphone market. The Cupertino giant, after announcing 6% price cuts on the entire iPhone range in China, has announced a much larger — 22% — price cut for the iPhone XR in India. Struggling sales in the US and China have finally prompted the company to turn to its only unconquered major territory on earth as of now — India.

With new prices taking into effect from coming Friday, the iPhone XR now starts at a price of ₹59,900, a substantial discount compared to its earlier MRP of ₹76,900. In addition to that, there is also a limited time cashback offer for HDFC debit and credit card holders. these card holders will be eligible for 10 percent additional cash back, bringing iPhone XR’s starting price in India to ₹53,900.

These prices are for the entry level, 64 GB version. The higher end, 128 GB and 256 GB also come under the same offer. The 128GB iPhone XR will be available at a price of ₹58,400 to HDFC customers, while the 256GB model will be available at a net price of ₹67,400 to HDFC card holders.

Non-HDFC customers will be able to purchase the 128GB and 256GB models of the iPhone XR ₹69,999 at ₹64,900 and ₹74,900 respectively, compared to their earlier MRPs of ₹81,900 and ₹91,900 respectively. These new prices have pretty much balanced out the price difference between Apple’s US and India pricing. Here’s a summarised view of the new pricing:

Reductions in pricing for other iPhone models could follow soon.

While consumers rejoice over this price cut, Apple has sent a loud and clear message. The company is struggling to keep up sales in its largest markets — US & China — and is hence now hawkishly eyeing India as its next big revenue source. This price range also puts Apple’s lowest priced iPhone in direct competition with Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy S10 flagship, along with OnePlus and other Chinese flagships.

This massive price cut comes amid news that the company is set to start a trial product run of its latest iPhone models in India. Apple has already started manufacturing the iPhone 7 models in its manufacturer Wistron’s India plant.

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