Google has finally released the beta version of its next iteration of its mobile operating system, Android Q. The first beta comes with a preview SDK for developers with system images for all generations of Google’s flagship phones, Pixel,, and the official Android Emulator.

Some of the key features offered by the beta is the ability to change headline, body fonts, and icon shapes. Users can also choose between different accent colors, like blue, black, green, and purple. The beta also included a feature to allow apps to use location-based services only when the app is in use. This was included to prevent apps from abusing data collection from their users.

Small features like allowing users to turn off Wi-Fi and data from within the app and allows users to improve performance in games, calls, in apps by enable high performance and low latency Wi-Fi modes. Portrait mode and other innovative camera filters and modes also makes a debut in the much awaited beta version.

Android Q Beta also features improved security for users by introducing better facial recognition system and smart lock features. Features like desktop mode, native screen recording, no back button, new audio video codecs, etc will also be introduced in the new version.

Users with Pixel devices can head to Google’s Android Beta Program and get the new beta to preview and test on their devices.

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