Facebook has confirmed that the services are now restored. And what was the fault ? Well, apparently it was a server configuration change that caused the issue. Haven’t seen that happening in such large tech companies. Nevertheless, FB has given a lot of firsts in the past 10-12 months. So we’ll count this one in that.

Here’s the company’s official statement on the same:

Update [March 14th, 2019 // 11:30 AM IST]

Services continue to remain affected. Facebook has not released any official statement of restoration as of now. Also, the Business Manager platform shows the following message:

Ad Services In Recovery
Ads Manager services are being restored but may take several hours to fully recover. Thank you for your patience.


It appears that Facebook and its entire gamut of services is currently experiencing a massive outage. The main Facebook platform, along with Instagram, Messenger and even advertising services are all down for most users globally.

While consumer apps have been facing this issue for well over an hour now, the ‘Business Manager’ platform too is not functional. It displays the following message:

Ad Services May Be Temporarily Unavailable
You may be experiencing some trouble accessing Ads Manager and other services. Access is currently being restored, but some services are still unavailable. We are working to fix this issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Facebook on its end, has confirmed the outage via Twitter. The company has also confirmed that it is not a DDoS attack, as has been speculated by many.

As of now there’s only so much information available. We will continue to update this piece as and when more info comes our way. Till then, sit tight and go out to have some real word networking as well.

This is a developing story.

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