Samsung and Huawei have agreed to enter a settlement agreement after a legal battle that lasted for over two years over alleged patent infringement claims by both parties.

The Chinese tech giant initially filed a claim against Samsung over their LTE patent infringement on the S7 and Note 5 lineups. Huawei claimed that Samsung’s LTE package used Huawei’s SEP technology and had made “billions” in the mobile device marketplace, and seeked to compensate the patent infringement with “interests and costs”.

The Korean smartphone manufacturers had denied all allegations and accused Huawei of seeking “grossly” inflated licensing fees. This lead to a counter suit being filed against Huawei in the United States. Huawei already face scrutiny from the US government over the violation of US sanctions and were accused for spying for the Chinese government.

The joint filing asked for a 30-day period in which both companies were expected to finalize a settlement offer. The case was originally set to go to trial in September.

The joint motion from a US appeals court states, “The parties entered into a settlement agreement and, pursuant to that agreement, they anticipate that in the next several weeks they will complete the pending steps to finalize the settlement and ultimately that Huawei will file an unopposed motion to dismiss this pending appeal within the next 30 days.”

With both companies, recently announcing new updates to their flagship mobile devices, a settlement would allow the tech giants to focus on dominating the mobile marketspace

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