Loosing followers on Instagram isn’t less than a nightmare to most users. And more recently, this nightmare turned into reality when Insta folks started seeing a sudden loss in their follower count. And while the incident was real, the loss in followers was apparently not.

Instagram has now confirmed of a bug that was causing a loss in follower count for multiple users. Since last night, there have been many shout-outs by users on Instagram towards the app because of the insane losses in followers that the users are facing.

Of course there were speculations already. Many believed that this decrease in followers is due to Instagram’s efforts at deleting fake accounts or spam accounts as they did so in the past as well.

Getting rid of spam accounts is one of the goals initiated by the Facebook-owned social media company in order to weed out unnecessary and problematic issues such as spam messages and bulking up followers through fake accounts which breaches it’s policies.

However, although these speculations do sound convincing, it has been confirmed that Instagram has not begun a fake account purge and is owning up to the fact that there is a bug in their system which is causing these problems.

As stated by a spokesperson from instagram, ‘We’re aware of an issue causing a change in account follower numbers for some people right now. We’re working quickly to fix this.’

So far in the problem, several major accounts on instagram such as; Nike, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez have incurred follower losses of around 1 million on an average. Massive! And this bug not just affects the follower count but also caused many user accounts to unfollow others without consent.

And as is the case with our intolerant digital folks these days, many Instagram users have taken to twitter to rage about their problems. Without getting to the context of the issue, many are sparking a wildfire of hatred and annoyance among themselves and other users as well.

So far, Instagram has not stated any specific reason as to why its app is causing the problems that it is and how they are planning to resolve them so, for now all that is left to do is get used to these tremendous changes until they are fixed once and for all.

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