‘There’s a new Twitter coming’. That’s what the microblogging site announced via its own handle on the site. Twitter has started rolling out a new web interface — to a select group of users — with a new emoji button, quick keyboard shortcuts, upgraded trends, advanced search and more upgrades.

From the looks of what has been posted by the company, the look is aimed at making your Twitter experience simpler and more straight forward. The first big noticeable change is the switch from the current Three column layout, to a new two column layout. The layout features some other cosmetic changes as well, without touching the core functionality of the platform.

While cosmetic changes take up most part of this revamp, there are other productivity focused changes as well. The most functional of them all being introduction of keyboard shortcuts, so you don’t have to move your mouse around on the platform too much. Though we are not sure if all of its users will really go for it, but its a definite welcome addition for few.

There is no mention of that long purported ‘Edit’ button and neither is there any mention of status updates. As for these current set of overhauls, they are currently limited to only a select group of users. A broad roll out is coming soon.

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