Cyber Monday is a win-win occasion for both retailers, and customers. And it seems like Amazon has emerged as the biggest winner this year. The company announced that it had its biggest shopping day ever, based on the number of products sold worldwide.

That’s right. To provide you with some comparison, this year’s Cyber Monday sales topped those made on Black Friday, and even Prime Day, which occurred in July this year and until being dethroned by Cyber Monday yesterday, was the eCommerce giant’s most successful day ever. The company sold over 100 million products on Prime day, so its fair to assume that it sold even more on Cyber Monday.

Let that sink in folks. More than 100 million products in a single day!

The five day period also saw Amazon sell more than any other similar period in its history, including the Turkey 5 in years past. In total, customers ordered over 180 million items from Amazon over this year’s shopping fiesta. This figure also included millions upon millions of Amazon devices such as Echo, Kindle, and the Fire Tablet, thanks to the heft discounts the eCommerce retailer offered on the same.

There has also been a sharp uptick in smart home devices, with Ring and Blink products almost doubling their sales, year-over-year. Amazon has refrained from releasing any revenue figures, but we expect them to slip out (or at least some shrewd estimates) over the next few days.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see what sort of effect this will have on Amazon’s revenue projections. Considering that a hefty percentage of products sold were Amazon’s and thus discounted by the company itself, it will be down to sales made by other retailers (out of which Amazon takes a cut) to boost the company’s overall revenues.

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