Microsoft has today taken a step further in its bid to deliver a one-stop virtual desktop solution for consumers to run Office 365 and Windows 10 on the cloud. The Redmond tech behemoth has announced acquisition of FSLogix, an Atlanta (Georgia) based Citrix ready company that provides virtual solutions.

FSLogix is a next-generation app-provisioning platform that reduces the resources, time and labor required to support virtualization.

said Brad Anderson, corporate VP for Microsoft Office 365.

There is no word from either of the companies on the deal figures.

FSLogix is one of the many major companies that Microsoft decided to partner with to facilitate this move to a virtual desktop experience. Citrix, CloudJumper, Lakeside Software, Liquidware, People Tech Group, and ThinPrint are some of the other companies Microsoft listed. But Microsoft later declared they wanted to own one of those experiences and hence bought FSLogix.

This acquisition comes as no surprise as the two companies have a long history of working together.

From the beginning, in working closely with several teams at Microsoft, we recognized that our missions were completely aligned. Both FSLogix and Microsoft are dedicated to providing the absolute best experience for companies choosing to deploy virtual desktops,

stated Randy Cook, founder, and CTO of FSLogix.

In a Citrix application delivery setup, applications and resources are hosted on central servers. It isolates these applications from the underlying OS and other applications and streams them into an isolated environment on the target device where they are executed. One doesn’t have to install applications or software on the client device; only the configuration settings, data, and application files are copied to the client device.

This is roughly how a virtual desktop works and Microsoft’s vision of it includes running Office 365 and Windows 10 virtually and provide an enhanced desktop experience by providing better performance and faster load times.

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