Apple Watch

Apple has released a brand new version of the magnetic charging dock for the Apple Watch. The previous version of the dock has now been removed from the stores, and has been replaced by the newer variant, which carries a model number separate from its predecessor.

Interestingly enough, we were unable to spot any major differences between the new dock, and its predecessors. The design is almost exactly the same and the FCC filing for the dock also does not reveal any particular changes. However, Apple has asked the FCC to withhold schematics and antenna specs — which makes at least some updates, very likely.

From the way things are going, I would say that Apple has either made some minor updates that are not worth harping about, or the company is testing something – a software tweak, a bug fix, or perhaps some new minor hardware. Either way, the changes are likely minor.

As per MacRumors:

There are no design tweaks to the dock, which suggests that the new model includes unspecified internal updates. It is not known why Apple has introduced a revamped version, but the changes are likely to be minor.

The new Apple Watch charging dock is available for sale starting from the 16th of November, and can be ordered straight from the Apple website. The price of the charging dock remains unchanged, and it is still retailing for $79.

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