Tweets in reverse-chronological order. The feature has always been available for folks familiar with their way around Twitter, however, the social networking platform is now in favor of bringing out and giving it front and center placement

The feature is currently under testing with a small subset of iOS users, and takes the form of a homescreen button that lets you switch between Twitter’s algorithmic timeline (that shows the best tweets first) to a reverse chronological feed (that only shows content from people you follow in order of time).

As per the company:

Sometimes you want to see the latest Tweets, first. We’re testing a way for you to make it easier to switch your timeline between the latest and top Tweets. Starting today, a small number of you will see this test on iOS.

As things worked until now, there was a lot of randomness as to what went into a Twitter feed. Responding to calls from users, the company had fixed settings so that only a raw reverse chronological feed of tweets by people you follow would be displayed. While this feature has been available in settings, Twitter promised to dig it out and place it on the home button.

So basically, once this feature rolls out to you, you will be able to tap a Twitter sparkle icon situated squarely on top, and switch between Top Tweets and Latest Tweets. This should also give users more content to browse on the platform. It would also allow users to follow events as they occur, give heavy users a way to track everything that’s happening, and give light users a way to access everything important by switching away from the time based feed to the algorithmic one.

Speaking on the topic, Twitter’s VP of Product Kayvon Beykpour said:

We want to make it easier to toggle between seeing the latest tweets the top tweets. So we’re experimenting with making this a top-level switch rather than buried in the settings. Feedback welcome.. what do you think?

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