In what has already become a “breaking-the-internet” of sorts productivity hack, Google has rolled out an awesome new functionality to help you create docs, slides, sheets and forms in literally seconds.

This new productivity hack are a set of domains appended by “.new”. What these new domains essentially do, is help you create new docs by simply typing in “” in your address bar, new sheets by typing in “” and so on for slides and forms. Google has also made sure that your typos while typing these domain names still lead you to the intended pages. As a result, even “” and “” will lead you to their respective new document creation pages.

The same format applies across Google’s productivity apps, meaning you can also type in things like,,,,,,,,,, or

Make sure though, that you are not typing “www” in the domain name.

This is a productivity hack, at its very best. I personally use Google docs and Sheets on a more than just regular basis and this surely helps in cutting of a ton of my time.

What this also does interestingly, is open up Google to a whole new world of productivity hack possibilities. As rightly suggested by user on the web, the search engine giant could think of rolling out stuff like “” for composing a new email in a jiffy.

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