Google keeps a record of everything which is searched on, if the user is logged in via their google account. Once the work is done and user plans to delete the browsing data from their local browser history, they sure may do so. However,nothing happens to the data which got stored on the servers of google. Well, if this scenario is troubling you then Google has a very relaxing update, as they are now going to make the search history deletion process much simpler.

According to a new update, users will no be able to review and delete their search history instantly, within Google search itself. The privacy controls will no longer be hidden inside the Settings tab, and in addition to this feature, Google will also add quicker access to controls such as preventing Google to save users activities and disabling ad personalization. The ultimate aim behind these new features is to make the users aware of the control they have on their account.

Google is rolling out these changes on desktop and mobile web searches today, while the updates for iOS and Android will roll out in the coming weeks. In the same line, Google is planning to establish similar changes for services like Google Maps for the year 2019. The major intent behind these changes is because Google wants to revamp its privacy controls.

Its interesting to see these privacy policies coming from Google at a time when all the tech behemoths are making sensational efforts for the privacy protection. Both Google and Facebook have recently been a part of scandals relating to privacy, and its admirable to see Google taking strong and immediate steps instantly.

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