NTT Docomo has now infiltrated the race of producing most compatible mobile sets, with its latest venture which is called to be the ‘World’s slimmest smartphone’. This smartphone is so thin that it may fit inside a card holder with ease. This revolutionary set is most likely to be rolled out next month in Japan and is expected to be in great demand as a second device for the smartphone users. The phone is named KY-O1L, and has been developed by Kyocera.

Docomo’s lightest and thinnest smartphone in the world has a footprint very similar to a credit card, and merely weights 47 grams with 5.3 mm thickness. The device comes with the electronic-paper touchscreen display, very similar to the one we see in digital book readers, and will only support calls, messages and internet connectivity. However, it has no camera or app stores.

President Kazuhiro Yoshizawa said:

As smartphone screens become increasingly larger, many people asked for a simple, easy-to-carry mobile phone.

One may, however, doubt if its really the slimmest smartphone in the word? Well, certainly there will be claims that the 2016 Moto Z was a little under 5.2 mm thick, however, Docomo may come forth for its rescue stating that Motorola did not include the additional bump for the camera. However, they may backfire stating that Docomo did not include any camera at all!

The ‘card phone’ will cost 32,000 yen, or close to $300, which is not a bad deal.

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