Apple held its last major event barely a month ago, and with the memories of the same still fresh on our minds, the company is already preparing for its next fiesta. 

From what we have heard, Apple has scheduled and is organizing its next event which will take place in Brooklyn on October 30th. While the September event did give us some new gizmos, iPads and Macbooks were sadly ignored. Now this is mere conjecture at this point however, Apple could be having this rather impromptu party to fill in the blanks. The even could see the launch of a brand new iPad, and perhaps also some updates to the Mac line.

Of course, the new Mac is slated for a lunch next year. However, Apple could well make use of the event to talk about some extraordinary new capability that it has developed for its devices. Or, some new devices could be introduced altogether.

Personally, I won’t mind seeing a new iteration of the Apple Watch. However, we are going to have to wait for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, we will send out feelers to the rumor mill and update you if there is something concrete.

Stay tuned!

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