What is the best part of Iron man’s suit? Go on, wrack your brains and tell me. Give up? It’s the visor/helmet contraption that lets Tony Stark perform crazy analysis on his surroundings, and receive whatever information he needs through Friday or Jarvis — depending upon the movie you watched. While the rest of the suit is nowhere on the horizon, a company called Jarvish (Interesting name, right?) has the right idea when it comes to helmets.

Jarvish is working on creating smart motorcycle helmets, and believe it or not, the models that the company has revealed yet, already sport an in-house (in-helmet?) AR display along with Siri/Alexa support.  Pretty cool, right?

Anyhow, the company has started selling a few Jarvish X in Taiwan. However, it is planning a more complete roll out  post January, once its kickstarter is initiated and completed. Meanwhile, the company is also planning a more advanced variant, X-AR, which will be even more powerful.

Both the Jarvish helmets will pack an integrated microphones and speakers that will let users leverage their pick of Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa support from inside the helmet. This way, users can speak out inside the helmet and do stuff like seeking directions, make & receive calls through bluetooth connectivity, listen to music and so on.

There’s also a 2K, front-facing camera built into the helmet that will let you record your ride.

The X-AR on the other hand, will also have a camera on the back of the helmet, which will give you a look at what’s happening behind you as well. Just in case you are wondering, the camera at the back of the helmet will project directly on an AR screen on your visor. Sweet, right? The AR display will also let you view stuff like current speed, turn-by-turn directions, weather, incoming calls etc.

While the Jarvish X is slated to cost around $799 when it hits Kickstarter, the X-AR could be as expensive as 2,599 and could hit the shelves by the second half of next year.

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