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Tesla has pushed out the ninth iteration of its in-car software. The update is being hailed as the most substantial update ever, and can be availed by connecting your Tesla to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Among other things, the update will introduce interesting new features such as playable Atari games, dash cam, and significantly improved navigation capabilities.

Let’s cover the disappointments first. The update is not bringing better self-driving capabilities. Tesla has promised to bring its cars to a level where they can all but drive themselves through a series of update. The first of these updates is called “navigate”, and hardcore fans were expecting it anytime. However, the car maker has said that features associated with self-driving require a few more weeks of validation.

Let’s now take a look at the most important goodies coming out with the latest software update.

Dash Cam and navigation:

Version 9.0 of the software will let Tesla cars operate a brand new dash cam mode. With this, the car will be able to record and store 10-minute video clips from its front-facing camera.

The new software update also comes with a slew of improved navigation features, including more detailed turn-by-turn directions and improved information on upcoming turns and exits on the highway.

The car will now be able to reduce the available acceleration, based on any obstacle that the car sees in its path. Tesla believes that this way the driver won’t accidentally accelerate out of reflex action. What’s more, all eight camera that are situated on the exterior of Tesla cars are active, and will provide users with a full 360-degree view so as to create better situational awareness.

Atari Games:

Now this is my personal favorite. Tesla has added a slew of Atari games that can be, drum roll please…..that can be played via touchscreen and steering wheel controls. Tesla has also ensured that these games can only be played when the car is parked. Now we don’t know which games are included in this update since Tesla is positioning them as Easter eggs, but this should be good. *rubs hands together*.

Finally, the company has also included a web browser and calendar with Model 3. Some UI customization are also there and all applications and climate controls would now be more easily accessible.

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