Google is testing a brand new application that will let users manage the mobile data usage on their smartphones. Excited? I bet. We have all been there where some unknown applications ate up our data in the background, while we were unable to do absolutely anything and could only watch. No longer though!

The application is called Triangle, and is currently being tested by Google. The app can let you manage your data smartly by providing you with a bevy of tools that can allow you to your data balance, see which apps are gobbling up your data. What’s more, you can even block individual applications from using your mobile data.

This last feature is pretty neat. Simple use Triangle to see which apps are using how much data, and then block them. What interests me the most here, is the fat that Google’s own applications like Maps, and Play could well be affected by this as well. That could be why the company is taking baby steps and has first launched a pilot of the program in Philippines.

Another reason behind launching the pilot in the Philippines and not the US could be the fact that folks in the developed countries usually don’t have to worry about things like data. Wi-Fi is far more common and, plans with unlimited data are quite common. In developing countries on the other hand, data is quite precious and until Jio came and messed up the order of things, India would have proved to be a huge market for Triangle as well.

Jokes apart though, Google has always been attempting to save its users data for them. For instance, Chrome has a data saver mode in-built into it. Similarly, Google also has a data saver feature that is built right into the company’s Pixel devices.

Using Triangle. you can allow applications to use data for 10 minutes, or 30 minutes at a time before forcing them to take a break. This is particularly useful in situations where you have say a news app that needs to connect to the Internet for a few times in a day to grab all news articles.

Meanwhile, we are not sure when or even if, Google is planning to launch the device in countries beyond the Philippines. If you are in that country however, you an download it right now by clicking on this link.

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