Facebook has decided to ramp up the capabilities of ‘M’, the company’s AI powered assistant. The company is now injecting its assistant with a slew of brand new capabilities, including social etiquettes. The assistant will now help users save content and then share it out with others.

When Facebook launched M back in April, the goal was to create an artificial intelligence that could act as a sort of butler to you, unobtrusive until you needed its help. Now though, it will pro-actively let you know if there are pieces of content like articles, videos or FB post, that are share-worthy. The content is shared via message threads and there is a special Saved extension for just this purpose.

This way you can also save stuff that you are sent from your friends. I mean come on, who hasn’t lied about reading that article your friend sent you when you can’t even be bothered to find it in the conversation. Now though, you can simply ask  ‘M’ to save it for later perusal.

The assistant will also remind you of important dates and keep you from committing gaffes. For instance, if ‘M’ catches you chatting with someone, oblivious to the fact that it is their birthday or engagement today, it will remind you of the same, so that you can still save the day by wishing them.

Finally, if someone asks you to call them on Messenger (say, can you call me? or Please call me) M will come up with a list comprising of messenger voice call or video call. You see where this is heading? Even if your preferred mode of communication is FaceTime or Skype, it will just be easier to press that call button right in front of your nose.

So yeah, M will help messenger underscore competitors as well and encourage people to use Facebook Messenger for calling purposes.

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