Facebook is reportedly in talks with Hollywood, and is seeking fresh content for its platform. The company is reportedly attempting to launch fresh content by late summer and is paying particular attention to the kind of content it wants to be available on its platform.

Reportedly, Facebook has already held meetings withs some top notch Hollywood studios. The company is looking for the creation of original content. It has some very specific pointers in its mind with regards to the content, and wants the creation of episodes that avoid politics, news, nudity and rough language.

To achieve all this, the social networking platform could commit to a production budgets as high as $3 million per episode. That is a seriously high budget/per episode, even for Hollywood and studios won’t have any issue getting the best talent to come work with them.

The company is also open to hosting other, less costly episodes. However, the one thing which will not change will be Facebook’s commitment to owning as much of the content as possible. It is also pushing for the creation of short, minutes long content that will be unscripted and will run in the spotlight section of videos.

With these unscripted videos, Facebook is guaranteeing payouts of a minimum $5,000 to $20,000 share of ad revenue per episode. Since the company will be generating most of the money through ads, and since it has a huge audience ready to consume any content it throws at them, Facebook won’t have much trouble making good on its promise.

Speaking on the topic, Vice President of Media Partnerships Nick Grudin said,

We’re supporting a small group of partners and creators as they experiment with the kinds of shows you can build a community around—from sports to comedy to reality to gaming. We’re focused on episodic shows and helping all our partners understand what works across different verticals and topics.

Facebook will be targeting audience in the 13 to 34 range. Out of these, the content will be geared mostly towards the 17 to 30 age group, which is likely to be most receptive to the idea of consuming content on the web, particularly on social networking website.

The content will be pushed to users at regular intervals, and not all at once. The idea here is to make watching content a social experience so the company will give users plenty of time to dissect and theorize about what’s going on before it releases the next episode.

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