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“Posts on Google” is a feature offered by Google that enabled select celebrities, movie studios, museums, sport leagues to showcase all their activities and updates in search results. They could do that in an interesting social networking kind of way, use GIFs, videos, images, and text to depict their work.

Now, this option is open for local businesses — they can publish events, products, and services directly on Google search and Google Maps. Verified companies can avail this offer today onwards using “Google My Business.” So, when users look up for these businesses using Google search, these new posts will be visible just below the company card in the results. Till now, the information such as location, phone number, web address, and working hours of the company was already put together as the company card.

As per the search giant, the businesses will be able to share daily specials, ongoing promotions, events, and also share about their latest products. Also, they can directly link such posts to their websites, and in addition, they can leverage this feature to drive sign-ups for their newsletters or lure potential customers to specific product pages.

Businesses can create such posts on the web or use Google My Business Android and iOS apps. The Mountain View-headquartered company had first tested this feature during last U.S. election. Recently, it enabled this feature for musicians in Brazil as well.

This feature will allow companies of all sizes to reach out to more customers by making available the information vital for their businesses on the search page. This is one more step taken by the search giant to make search more cohesive and beneficial for both, businesses and customers. The company is making efforts to add more functionality to its search feature.

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