To further discuss its live video-focused ambitions, Facebook today took center stage at VidCon, the largest online creator meetup and announced that it plans on releasing a new standalone app for the creator community later this year. This app will provide the creators an extensive set of exclusive tools to upgrade their video production quality on the platform.

As mentioned during its ‘Future of Facebook Video’ pitch, the video creation app will only be made available to verified personnel, such as journalists, artists, and other influencers, of the platform. It’ll squarely be aimed at video creators who’ve amassed massive followings but are smaller than media organizations or celebrities.

The description of the app suggests that it’ll work as an extension to another very similar app, Mentions, released by Facebook back in 2015. The latter provides verified Facebook users with a lightweight social networking experience, with only necessary info being made available to them.

Thus, if you’re unaware, Mentions was the very first destination the social media giant picked to debut Live on its platform. It is now separating the said live video functionality into a separate, standalone app to provide creators access to a more robust set of tools.

Just like mentions, the new video-focused app will include the complete Facebook Live package but it will be topped up with their latest creative kit. This will provide creators access to special tools such as the ability to add custom intros and outros to their live videos, custom stickers, as well as custom frames.

Talking about this initiative, Facebook product director Daniel Danker on stage stated,

It has never been a better time to be a creator on Facebook. With Facebook, we can connect and create a community with your audience and tell stories that are social, personal, and authentic.

Since it is directed towards celebrities, verified individuals, the social media giant is also providing them access to two very notable features — community tab and robust analytics. The former will enable them to better connect with their viewers and interact with them via an integrated interface — includes access to everything from Facebook and Instagram to Messenger. The analytics, on the other hand, is going to help them figure out which videos perform well and what needs to be tweaked in the next one.

Facebook, it seems, is betting big on its push for Live video and believes that the said strategy will enable them to pull high-quality video creators to their social platform. YouTube has always been the prominent destination for these influencers, followed by other social apps like Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. But, this increased control over the live streams could push them closer to its social platform.

Source: Mashable

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