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The launch took place beautifully, and was successful. Not only did SpaceX manage to establish the satellite in space, but it also recovered the first stage of the rocket. And situations were specially tough today with a high re-entry fore and huge amount of heat generated by its interaction with the atmosphere.

There was a lot hanging on this particular launch and SpaceX really needed it to be successful. For starters, this was a new SpaceX client and secondly the company is all set to launch yet another rocket in a few days. After delivering the satellite to space, the rocket landed on Space’s drone ship “I love You”, stationed in the sea. Perhaps to prepare for its third voyage.


SpaceX’s rocket launches are events, more than anything else. After all, they represent humanity’s victory over what was once though impossible to surmount — space. And as if to show the thumb, we are resending rockets into space, rockets that have already been used once.

Which is why each and everyone of SpaceX’s rocket launches are events hotly pursued by tech enthusiasts and the masses in general. This time, the company is attempting to launch a Falcon 9 rocket from its launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center.

The satellite in question is the BulgariaSat-1, and it will attempt to deliver a geostationary orbital commercial communications satellite to earth’s orbit. The satellite will provide  provide direct-to-home TV and data connections to  different parts of Europe.

The launch is important for a variety of reasons, including the fact that this is a new SpaceX client and, that the company has to launch another rocket in a couple of days. Let’s hope all goes well. Meanwhile, you can watch the launch right below:

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