Facebook has finally announced the date for its highly vaunted Oculus conference. The event will see some major VR news come to the surface, along with news regarding the future of one of the biggest companies in the industry. And since Oculus is one of the pioneers of the field, it will also be about the future of the VR industry too.

This is an annual event, and we have yet to be disappointed. Last year for instance, the focus was upon the content that had been created for the gear VR and Rift platforms. A major portion of the news keynote had been delivered by Facebook and indeed, it was one of those times when Facebook’s ownership of the VR firm hit you in the face.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see what pops up at this particular event. I mean we have already had the F8 and its not like Facebook was segregating or saving stuff for later. Plus with Palmer Luckey gone, Zuckerberg is the face of Facebook as well as Oculus. So, it will be interesting to see what kind of stuff he comes up with for the event.

Of course, Faebook’s newly anointed VP of VR Hugo Barra, who joined the firm from Xiaomi, could also take the lead. As far as teh content is concerned, we wouldn’t be far off the mark to expect a focus on games. Oculus was very conspicuous by its absence at the E3 earlier and we could see the company make amends in the highly lucrative niche.

Also, Oculus’ highly anticipated Santa Cruz headset may make an appearance that if not perfect, gives us a look at a more advanced version of the hardware. Meanwhile, there are still a few months left to go, so expect registration to open up sometime around August-September.

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