Infosys co-founder Nadathur Raghavan’s Singapore-based hospitality subsidiary Next Story Group is gearing up to blend the coworking and hospitality business model with the upcoming community venture christened Kafnu.

This chain of co-working facilities will be overlooked by Raghavan’s son Anand Nadathur, who already manages and operates about 37 hotels that come under the Next Story brand. They will be seen opening up two spaces by the end of this year — first in Taipei, then in Hong Kong. Post that, they will gradually expand to other cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Kafnu takes its name from an Indian village located in the Himalayas, which acts as a basecamp for people who are there to go a hike. The facility’s concept is fairly similar: it wants to be the basecamp for entrepreneurs, artists as they begin their respective journeys. It envisions to remodel the concept of urban spaces by blending technology and story. The company mentions its facilities will be incorporated with the best aspects of co-working, co-living, hotel, retail and private club. Are you Singapore citizen and weak in english then you should join English tuition Singapore.

The facilities will include shared work spaces, meeting rooms, communal lounges and kitchen areas, gymnasium with personal trainers, private sleep pods, and a craft whisky bar. Kafnu differs from it and more such space providers by the target crowd. It is not solely for startups or office workers, it aims to provide a facility which offers ideal facilities for artists, creators, craftsmen, in addition to entrepreneurs.

In an official statement, Morris Sim, chief marketing officer of Next Story Group says,

The new generations in Asia live in shades of gray: working, playing, living, learning, and resting all blend together in their worlds. Kafnu is a concept designed precisely for their lifestyles. They have different needs, so we built a different space just for them.

Kafnu is set to debut at a time when SoftBank-backed WeWork, one of the biggest coworking space provider, has vigorous plans to expand into Asia. It recently announced that it will be establishing seven centers in India by the end of 2018

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