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The day we’ve all been waiting for seems to be finally here. Google has today announced that Allo’s latest update will add one of the most-requested features, while also bringing along some other features and improvements.

Starting today, if you’ve updated Google’s uber-smart messaging app, you’ll be able to initiate Duo video/audio-only calls from right within Allo itself. Though the update hasn’t started rolling out as of now but the existence of this new feature has been confirmed by Allo’s Head of Product, Amit Fulay and Google’s VP of Communications Products, Nick Fox via Twitter.

As shown in the screenshot attached below, you can immediately notice that Google has now added the Duo calling icon, much like WhatsApp, to the top bar of the chat window — next to the contact’s name.

The integration of these two consumer-facing apps from Google’s messaging stack has been in the works for quite some time. And it should have been the case from the very start, but the search giant decided it was better to separate the two features and launch two different apps for the consumers. But, it seems they’ve finally come around.

While this is a welcome change, some users are still not pleased with the way Duo’s integration works with Allo. Presently, when you tap the Duo icon, you’ll be transferred to Duo and the call — video or audio, depending on your settings — will be initiated.

But, if you don’t have Duo installed on your device, not a huge deal to worry about. The Allo messaging app will notify them to install Duo to be able to take or initiate calls, which some users think is a chore. The users have stated that Duo should’ve been integrated natively into the back-end of Allo.

Though we’re not aware of all the improvements made to Google’s quirky messaging app in this update but Fulay has also tweeted that Allo will now include the ability to add stickers to photos inside Allo;’s app itself. He’s only referenced the fact that ‘a lot more’ exciting new feature are being rolled out with this update. It had previously brought along the capability to convert your faces into sticker packs, using Google’s robust AI and ML techniques.

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