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Samsung Galaxy S8 gets an exclusive Google Play Music feature

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Back in April, Samsung had announced that it has forged an exclusive alliance with Google, under which the Galaxy S8 will make Play Music as its default music player and music provider. It had further added that Galaxy S8 lineup owners would receive some extra perks with the said music streaming player.

The same, which is a new feature called New Release Radio, has now been spotted by some Galaxy S8 users over on Reddit. As you can see in the screenshots attached below, this feature is integrated into the Play Music app just for Samsung device users. The new Radio feature makes use of your music tastes and listening history to put together some new songs and introduce you to artists you haven’t heard before. This means the same has been personalized according to your taste, in general.

In addition to the said feature, Samsung had previously promised that adopting the Google Play Music as the default streaming app will surely have its perks for Galaxy S8 device owners. It provides you the benefit of uploading as much as 100,000 of your very own melodies to Google Play Music completely free of cost. It is double the amount of storage currently available to general subscribers.

Under this collaboration, Samsung smartphones and tablets will now come loaded with a three-month trial of Google Play Music. It will enable users to access ad-free track playing, access to more than 40 million songs on demand along with curated playlists. This subscription will also allow the users to access YouTube Red for streaming ad-free videos across YouTube. Google has also vowed to make its music streaming service compatible with Samsung’s very own Bixby assistant.

With the extensive sales of the Galaxy S8 lineup, this partnership has been forged by Google to expedite the rate at which its music streaming platform is adopted by new users. And this gives it immense opportunity to grow and take on its competitors like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and several others.

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