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Uber has been having a bad PR year. Things are just not working out for the company, and one after the other, issues that carry the potential to harm its public image by a fair amount, keep cropping up all over the place. On Friday, the company attempted to make its peace with former riders, sending them mails that reiterated its commitment to cater to their needs.

However, one person was nowhere near mollified. We are talking about Susan Fowler, the same former employee who forced the company to instigate an inquiry into its work culture and set off a chain of events that culminated in dozens of firings and CEO Kalanick taking a leave of absence.

In the mail, Uber talks about the investigation it had launched into its own work culture and how the company was taking the recommendations made by the committee set to investigate the matter to the letter — going as far as to send Kalanick on to a leave of absence.

Fowler however, is not impressed. In a tweet, she says:

So…they can apologize to FORMER RIDERS for the “inexcusable workplace harassment” but not to the employees who suffered the harassment?

Stating that it was all a sham to her, and an attempt to win back riders in her eyes, she said:

It’s all a show, It’s all optics. Whatever it takes to win back the riders from the competition, right?

Fowler is currently working with payment facilitator Stripe, and is now also the editor of a magazine run by the company. Meanwhile, she said that she had yet to receive a formal apology from Uber.

Uber has certainly lost a lot of customer over the past few months over its antics. The company does appear t be attempting to mollify them — and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it wouldn’t go amiss to address the people who were directly affected by these issues as well.

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