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Elon Musk’s Boring company is anything but boring. In fact, it may just be one of the most exciting projects on the planet. The prospect of whizzing underground at terrific speeds may be one that could be terrifying to many. However, you can not deny the simplicity of this solution, to the rampant problem of traffic jams and the rapidly decreasing space above ground.

The project instigator Elon Musk believes that despite all the technological breakthroughs that must undoubtedly take place before this project can come to fruition, getting permits from the government could well be the harder part of the job.

And he might be right. After all, humans are scared of what they do not understand. And while we have been tunneling since years and years, Musk’s company will be doing it at an entirely unprecedented scale.

Meanwhile, figures in authority are warming up to the idea of huge underground tunnels. In a recent interview, LA Mayor  Eric Garcetti said stuff which pointed towards a benign outlook to the idea of the Boring company going to work in the city. Indeed, he even had a couple of route suggestions read. Musk of course, tweeted about the fact, stating that:

Promising conversations with @MayorOfLA regarding tunnel network that would carry cars, bikes & pedestrians. Permits harder than technology.

There are still years and years before the first vehicle enters a tunnel created by the Boring company. And a large potion of the time will be gone in actually setting up the infrastructure and of course, obtaining government permissions. Regardless though, this particular incidence shows that confronted by problems they are effectively unable to solve, authorities might just be willing to lend a much more receptive ear to technology.

Check out how Musk is planning to revolutionize travel through the Boring company’s tunnels.

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