Uber, Travis Kalanick

As per reports coming in from various quarters, Uber may be looking at some significant shake-ups in its hierarchy. Reports stating that CEO Travis Kalanick may take a leave of absence while his top aid, Emil Michael may resign are also circulating. It should be remembered that Emil Michael is also the Chief Business Officer at the company. So these departures could well see a major change take place at the ride hailing firm.

These changes could probably be seen coming from miles off. Of course, Kalanick’s departure — if it takes place — would be more of a temporary thing. This would be because Kalanick has enormous, huge influence and power at the company he helped co-found. Privileges accorded to him include special voting rights, where his votes outweigh everyone else’s.

However, Kalanick could well agree with the board’s decision and allow someone else to take over the reins for a while. Uber is in a PR mess at present and the list of just what is purportedly wrong with the company, its work culture, and its ethicsc would be pretty long. From a top executive illegally obtaining a rape victim’s medical records, to the huge controversy that arose when Susan Fowler went public, to the outrage that resulted in the #deleteUber campaign — the list is pretty long.

Considering that all this took place while the reins were in Kalanick’s hands, he could well take a fall — if temporary. Of course, a lot would depend upon the findings of the investigation Uber’s board had set into motion into the company’s workplace and culture. A meeting is reportedly expected to take place within a day or two, and the future of the company as well as the person who is to take the helm. will then be decided.

If the reports of the investigation turn out to be favorable to Kalanick, he could well retain his position. If they don’t however, the position could fall to cofounder Garrett Camp. Just FYI, legend has it that Uber was camp’s idea. He is also a co-founder of StumbleUpon. Most of it is conjecture at this point, as there are too many variables involved. Nevertheless, we will know more on the topic very soon — and a change at the cab aggregator could be likely. Stay tuned!

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