Creating a website or an application coupled with its own search engine is challenging. The reason is simple, the established web search engines like Google have the task of searching simple, fast and efficient. Such companies are equipped with advanced proprietary search technology – voice, text or otherwise – which delivers a seamless and high-quality experience that users have come to expect. Fret not, French startup Algolia is here to give similar experience on your website or application as well.

Having recently announced a $53 million funding round led by Accel, it provides businesses with the infrastructure, engine, and tools they need to easily create fast, relevant consumer-grade search for their users. With this fresh inflow of funds, Algolia plans to keep investing in bringing more search innovations to every app and website.

The round saw participation from SaaStr fund, Jyoti Bansal, Clark Valberg, Des Traynor and existing investors including Alven Capital, Point Nine Capital, and Storm Ventures. Nicolas Dessaigne, CEO & Co-Founder, Algolia, said, in a statement,

Google has set high expectations for consumer-grade search in the eyes of users, expectations that are impossible to meet even for digital-first businesses. Algolia is the first company that makes it possible for any product team to create fast, relevant and intuitive search for their users.

Its offerings include a reliable mobile search in low- or no connectivity areas, Algolia Offline; an easy-to-integrate address search for lightning-fast checkout and address lookup, Algolia Places and Distributed Search Network, the first worldwide search network that brings lightning-fast search results to your users wherever they are.

With offices in San Francisco, Paris, New York City and Atlanta, Algolia has over 3,000 customers in 100 countries including big names such as  Twitter, Amazon, Medium, Digital Ocean, Stripe, Quiksilver among others. So, there’s a high probability that you have relied on their product to make searches too. It claims to handle 25 billion searches across 8,000 websites and applications every month.


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