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Uber has fired a top executive after violating the privacy of a person who was raped while in the course of using its service. The person whose privacy was infringed upon, was the victim of assault and rape that occurred while she was taking a ride in an Uber vehicle in Delhi.

The Uber Executive in question,  Eric Alexander, has been fired because he obtained the medical records of the 26-year old female passenger.

The information comes from Recode, according to which, after the incident occurred, president of business in Asia Pacific, Eric Alexander made his way to India and obtained the medical reports. The report was then presented to CEO Travis Kalanick and SVP Emil Michael and the trio discussed the possibility of competitor Ola, having a hand in instigating the incident.

Following the unfortunate and deplorable incident, Uber was banned for a few months in Delhi. The driver was also caught and awarded a life sentence in prison.

Apparently, other Uber executives were seriously disturbed after considering the scenario and that Mr. Alexander had the audacity to doubt the victim’s story. As per Recode:

Some Uber staffers who were told about the medical report by them were disturbed to hear the executives were considering the scenario, based on their reading of the medical report, that the woman’s story was not true.

“Travis never should have looked at the report and he should have fired him immediately,” said one executive of Alexander.

While the fact that Alexander is no longer with Uber has been confirmed, it is unclear if he was fired as a result of the recent investigations into improper conduct and workplace culture that have been taking place at the cab aggregator and that have seen at least 20 employees shown the door.

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