Project Scorpio, Scorpio

Microsoft has filed for a brand new trademark, and the rumor mill has gone into overdrive. The trademark denotes an S and unless Microsoft it planning to thrown in its lot with the Slytherins, there is a high degree of possibility that the ‘S’ stands for the company’s highly anticipated project Scorpio.

The logo was first spotted by FragHero, and a patent fr the same has been filed by the Redmond giant with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Our belief that this could be the logo for Project Scorpio is further enhanced by the fact that the company has described it something it is planning to use for  use in computer game software and video game consoles.

Meanwhile, we will not be kept in the dark much longer as Microsoft is expected to spill the beans at its E3 event, where the company will be letting the cat — or the scorpion? — out of the bag at its press event which is to be held at at 2 pm PT on Sunday. Stay tuned.

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