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Have you been running out of space on your iPhone lately? Well, fear not. Apple’s latest iOS 11 operating system is here to ensure that space ceases to be an issue. The operating system will offer you personalized advice pertaining to how exactly you can free up more space on your device. The feature is likely to seem like a godsend to iPhone users who sport a 16 GB variant.

With memory card unavailable, space is a major constraint for many iOS users. This has become even truer since the advent o features like live photos and 4K video recording which take up a hell of a lot of space. Apple has been attempting to combat these issues through various means including tweaks published with its iOS updates.

For instance, the iOS 11 will automatically sync your messages to the cloud and delte them on your device, thus freeing up space. However, iOS 11 has an even better feature to help out in situations like these. The suggestions will be based on your usage pattern, the amount of time spent over a particular app and so on.

For instance, it may ask you to upload your photo library to the cloud. It may also present you with a list of all the applications you haven’t had occasion to use of late and suggest that you uninstall some or all of them. It may also suggest that you delete redundant stuff like pictures and videos kept in the recently deleted folder after a review.  It could also remind you to take a look at particularly large attachments you have received over iMessage.

Apart from freeing up space, the feature could also make Apple more cloud customer. Apple does offer 5 GB worth of free cloud space but that is really peanuts to say, someone who loves photography. Or who receives a lot od media and so on. So yeah, eventually, more people could end up purchasing cloud storages from Apple as well.

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